People on the journey

Unless the person is a ‘character’ in which case his character will develop, or unless it is a named character from the Meglana Kingdom module, non-player characters will probably be generated using Une.

Naive Pioneer that is Slightly Weaker than the characters. His motivation is Realise Stories.

Dignified Expert that is comparable in experience to the characters. His motivation is Determine Myths.

Knurri Baelin
Valhakar of Altenhus, Knurri is a drunkard and a bully. He finds great sport in dogfights amd bear baiting, as do his three sons. The Baelin is sympathetic to the church of Agrik, and supports the Order of the Pillar of Fire with donations. Baelin thralls are often ill-treated, adn the Baelins are disliked by almost everyone, although not openly.

Fridgeir Baelin
Eldest son of knurri. Affluent clairvoyant that wants to create success. Fridgeir has had the love and wealth of Knurri showered on him and he is as a result spoilt and used to using his wealth to get what he wants. This alone might make him a repulsive playboy adored only by gold digging whores, but under this exterior there is a darker motivation. Fridgeir has visions of the past, present, future and scenes that he cannot understand. These visions both plague and tempt him. He is obsessed with using these visions to further the family and himself to the highest levels of power he can imagine.

Thurferth Baelin
Second son of Knurri. Cunning governor that wants to chronicle the poor. Thurferth is the brains behind the Baelin operation. He has stepped in to the role of the day to day running of the clan and has realised that the burgeoning urban poor are in some way a stain upon his record of administration. He seeks to understand what is happening with these diseased wretches that cluster at the door of the long house and pollute the view. This does not make him a humanitarian. If the solution to the problem is to have them all put to the axe he would not hesitate, but in the meantime he gathers facts.

Hradi Baelin
Youngest son of Knurri. Prying ascendant that wants to guide the forsaken. Hradi feels that he has a purpose in Agrik and endevours to bring the word to those around him. As the youngest he is furthest from his father’s attention and this drives him to acts that will him his father’s approval. To this end he organises fights and spectacles that will be pleasing to Agrik, recruiting the disaffected, unemployed and maladjusted for this purpose.

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People on the journey