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Winning the tribute race

The race is neither won nor lost until the successful tribute carriers return home. So far the tribute has been delivered satisfactorily, but the return is yet to happen.

Why does Olegstad pay this symbolic tribute to Baelin?

This is a pretty significant question. Technically Olegstad pays formal tribute to Stimby in Raldlund. Baelinlund is a different clan territory. This stinks of some political intrigue.

What is the significance of the standing stones Russ and Hagnar slept in?

Still unknown. No one has yet cast light on the origins of the stones.

What is the disk that was given to Russ in the stone circle?

The disk has Russ’s sunsign on it… what is the significance of this?

Why are the Ilviran priests pursuing a “brother” to Ivinia, and how do they know where to look?

The "brother " is an Ivashu…. and Vestygyr is a zealous fanatic priest..

How did the Ivashu get to Ivinia?

Why did Vestygr leave Arakai Kalai?

Vestygyr had visions and continues to do so that are linked to the Ivashu.

Who were the dead tribute runners, how did they die, and does this have significance?

Probably has been answered, but created a new question, below:

What happened to the widow Brynja and her other sons

What is the political situation in Altenhus?

The people hate the baelins. They hate the alien foreign religion of Agrik. Much discontentment. vandalism has been committed against the barrow under construction for Knurri
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